Hey, I am Fidel.
I am an interaction designer and use data visualisation to explore urban futures & cultural collections at Urban Complexity Lab, the Urban Futures Masters Programme at FH Potsdam, & silo institute.

New Normal Neighbourhood

Master thesis project that uses the notion of the New Normal for situated speculations on future crises. The website allows visitors to make proposals for crisis-responses for their own neighbourhoods. Explore & Speculate


A collection of articles and tools to explore climate change scenarios. Created at the Urban Complexity Lab in close collaboration with IIASA, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Stockholm Environment Institute, and Wageningen University & Research

Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing

A visual explanation on how COVID-19 tracing apps can help to break infection chains without jeopardising personal privacy. Winner in the Pudding Cup 2020. Read the essay.


A visualisation-based interface for bibliographic collections to allow for exploration. The prototype was created at Urban Complexity Lab in a research cooperation with the German National Library. Prototype. Details.

Let’s map the Gap

A visualisation of statements made at the 40th anniversary of Psyschoanalytisches Seminar Zürich. At the event participants were invited to comment on psychoanalysis, the Psyschoanalytisches Seminar Zürich and the event itself as well as to rate statements made by others. This resulted in a living and growing network, which was shown at the entrance.

So gerecht ist Deutschland

An interactive story on social justice in Germany. Created with Hanna Decker, Christoph Schäfer during my Google News Initiative Fellowship at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Read the story (german)

Zürich Einmalig

An interactive experience made for Zürich’s Statistic Office to let Zürich’s citizens explore what statistical features make them unique from everyone else.


An interactive installation at Technische Sammlungen Dresden. The museum is situated in the Ernemannbau where cameras have been produced until 1992. With the goal of bringing their view into the museum, visitors can send pictures to screens in the museum entrance from their mobile phones. The installation thereby illustrates how our relation to photography has changed through digital cameras and smartphones. Collaboration with Giacomo Pedemonte.

Design & Technology Lab

An interactive installation presenting the Design and Technology Lab at the opening of the Toni-Areal. A projection and tracking system superimposes animations on a surface illustrated by a pen plotter. Video.